Posted on Sep 4, 2020

JSC Enterprises

We are not health practitioners or scientists. But we understand common sense based on the facts available so far.
We asked Steve Cassell of JSC Enterprises what he thought about the findings.
“When it is hot, people will tend to go indoors where it is cooler with the air on.The experts tell us the more people indoors the greater chance of being infected if they are not practicing safe social distancing. This is because you are literally breathing in the same air they just sneezed or coughed Into.”
“Secondly, our goal is to make sure an ac unit cools the interior air and removes the humidity from it. However, air conditioners were not designed to bring much fresh air into the room. Now this could be an issue in an office environment where there are many people. However, it doesn’t pose the same threat In your home with just your family.
“The best thing you can do is to keep a window or door open with an exhaust fan to circulate some fresh air inside. While this may defeat the purpose of air conditioning in an office it also is the only way to provide the ventilation that you need.”
“This is why our techs practice safe social distancing with our clients. We want to do everything we can to protect the health of our employees and clients.”
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